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Story by Georgina Mann, 15, Student at The King Alfred School, an Academy
News to the world as students start new Jill Dando News Centre

Enthusiastic students have launched a new state-of-the-art Jill Dando News Centre. A brand new area has been constructed at The King Alfred School, an Academy, to report on exciting events to the wider community. 

The News Centre has been set up in memory of Jill Dando, an inspirational and successful journalist born in Weston-Super-Mare, who died in 1999, aged only 37. Now her legacy lives on with hundreds of good news stories coming out of TKASA, found and written by students themselves. 

The jacketed students will involve the local community by reporting on their achievements. News will feature a wide spectrum of subjects, from hobbies to heroic acts. They aim to continue what Jill Dando dedicated her life to, reporting news to the world.

It is an exciting time for the JDNC to be launched, with months of good news coming out of the TKASA and excellent GCSE results.

English teacher Ali Wray said, "I am thrilled to be involved in such an exciting project, our students are incredibly talented and I cannot wait to see how this develops."

Principal Nathan Jenkins said, “We are delighted to launch our new Jill Dando News Centre. The students have been buzzing for weeks.”

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