Homework at The King Alfred School enhances, consolidates and deepens the knowledge and understanding of every student. It is the entitlement of every KAS student to be provided with planned independent learning tasks outside of their formal lessons.

Every student at KAS is given regular and deliberately planned independent learning tasks that explicitly build on and extend the knowledge and skills they have gained in their timetabled lessons. In this way, planned homework challenges and tasks actively deepen and extend student’s thinking and secure their understanding of key concepts and skills as an integral part of the designed scheme of learning.

Planned Homework challenges and tasks are fundamental to the on-going progress of every student of all abilities.  Planned homework, set regularly as an integral part of the curriculum actively develops every student’s capacity to be confident, resilient and self-motivated life-long learners.

In addition, planned homework challenges and tasks teach students the importance of meeting deadlines, of organising themselves and of how to lead their own learning.

Homework is an integral part of the KAS feedback cycle, providing students with opportunities the time and information to make necessary improvements that will accelerate their progress.

Subject homework - weighting


Maths/English/ Science = once a week

Subjects x 3 Lessons per fortnight (including MFL) = once a fortnight

Subjects x 2 Lessons per fortnight = once every three weeks


KS4 (inc. Yr9)

Maths/English/ Science = once a week

Options = once a fortnight