YEAR 7-9

The school believes that home learning is important for the educational progress of all children. All students will be issued with a homework folder, in this folder they will keep both their homework booklet and their home workbook. 

KS3 students are expected to complete one full page in their home workbook and spend around 20 minutes on homework for each subject on their homework timetable that day. Tutors will check homework during Tutor Time. Tutors will be looking for a full page of work on the correct subjects of the Knowledge Organiser completed with no gaps, as well as for purple pen ticks/corrections and good presentation. 

Students and parents should refer to the homework booklet for further information about homework tasks and their homework timetable. 

As parents, you can support your child by ensuring that home learning is completed conscientiously and in the best possible conditions.  Home learning is monitored by your child's tutor and their teachers who will set 3 knowledge quizzes each cycle and record their scores in their homework booklet. The tutor will be pleased to respond to any comments that you might make in the planner.  Where a child has a genuine difficulty in completing their Home Learning or in meeting a deadline, they should make sure that they speak to their tutor and subject teacher. Where a student fails to complete Home Learning to a high enough standard then students will be offered a lunch time homework support session with a specialist member of staff, failure to attend will result in a same day after school detention disciplinary action 

Learning Cycle 1

To see the Year 7 Learning Cycle 1 Homework booklet please click here.

To see the Year 8 Learning Cycle 1 Homework booklet please click here.

To see the Year 9 Learning Cycle 1 Homework booklet please click here.

Learning Cycle 2

To see the Year 7 Learning Cycle 2 Homework booklet please click here.

To see the Year 8 Learning Cycle 2 Homework booklet please click here.

To see the Year 9 Learning Cycle 2 Homework booklet please click here.

YEAR 10-11

Students in year 10 and 11 are expected to complete around 80 minutes of homework each evening, this is split into written and online homework. 

Written component (60 minutes each weekday) – The written component will be set and checked by subject teachers and include activities such as

  • Self-quizzing – methods will include making flash cards and Look Cover Write Check Correct

  • Note taking – summarising class notes, revision guides and textbooks

  • Questions – worksheets or exam question booklets

  • Guided research – watching videos, reading additional materials

  • Learning activities – completing tasks in home learning booklets

Online Component (30 minutes each weekday) – The online component will be checked by your teacher and will include .

Hegarty Maths is a website which has been carefully designed and structured to provide a learning tool to support students and teachers which has a short video and quiz for almost every topic assessed on the mathematics curriculum up to Grade 9 GCSE.  When you complete a test, your score should be above 90%. If you score lower than 70%, you should complete one of the ‘building blocks’ tasks before re-attempting the quiz. The long-term aim is to achieve 100% in every quiz. This can be accessed at; https://hegartymaths.com/

Seneca learning is an intelligent learning program that will help you achieve outstanding results. It uses multiple choice style micro-quizzes to build knowledge, boost confidence and reduce exam stress. 

All students have access to the computers in the library at lunch time and after school to complete online component if they have issues with access at home.

Students should follow the homework timetable below

Y10 timetable.JPG

Year 11 only

3 X ‘20 min workout’ tasks a  weekend – The independent learning component will be checked by tutor and core subject teacher. English, Maths and Science will set an additional ‘20min workout’ homework task on a Friday which will be collected the following Friday.

All students are expected to follow their homework timetables independently, teachers will let parents know when homework has not been completed to a satisfactory standard by issuing a homework support on Class Charts

Y11 timetable.JPG