Anti Bullying Week Supported by Students

Anti Bullying 1.jpg

This week across King Alfred School students and staff have supported Anti bullying week through a number of exciting activities that have encouraged pupils to 'Stand up, step in and speak out'.

Last month we hosted a training day by the Princess Diana Awards to train Anti Bullying Ambassadors (ABA). The Ambassadors meet weekly to discuss their work out in the playground and wear bright badges so that anyone who has a worry about bullying can talk to them.

Our ABA gave assemblies every day this week to talk about the scheme and encourage others to join - in the last week 33 more pupils have volunteered to continue this excellent project.

During the week students have also continued to centre activities around our 'diversitree'. Monday was 'odd sock day' giving the message 'it's OK to be different' and we pinned up pledge balloons to show support.

On Wednesday Film Club showed an LGBTQ film to years 9 and 10 and on Thursday the new ABA started training and took delivery of their new board to display photographs of all of the ambassadors.