Table Tennis Success for Year 9 Student

Rhys_Anderson 042019.jpg

Story by Isabelle Carpenter Year 10 (JDNC)

Rhys Anderson, a year nine student at the King Alfred School, participated in his first ever table tennis tournament at the Robert Blake School in Bridgwater. He partook in the under fifteen’s men’s singles and the junior doubles. Despite his loss, he admits, “it was still a good experience to have for the future.”
Rhys’ obsession with table tennis began in October, however since being exposed to the sport in an
after-school club on a Monday, he has developed his skills and “enjoyed it so much”, that he persuaded his father into buying him some bats for Christmas. Rhys searched for other clubs due to his desire to play, resulting in his entering the tournament.
Since entering the tournament, he has been selected by the team leaders, to join a League team. The League team play to gather experience that will allow him to play even more incredibly in the future.
Rhys said, "Doing this, I have realised what I need to improve before my next tournament. It's been an incredible experience."

Cerrie Williams