King Alfred Student's Maths Legacy at Brent Knoll School

Eithne_Brown (513x640).jpg

A year 7 student at the King Alfred School talks to the Jill Dando News Centre about the maths method that she pioneered at her previous school, Brent Knoll school in Somerset, and how it has helped lots of students since she left.

Eithne Brown, who founded the method based around fractions and this method has made it a lot easier for students who struggle with calculations and simplifying.

It is a method that was unknown to the teachers and impressed them immensely. Therefore, after she left the school, the method became known as "The Eithne Brown method"

"I'm glad it's helped people" , says Eithne , "It has made things lot easier and simpler for people who are struggling and I hope that it will help lots more people in the future. It helped me with my maths and now it can help others too"

Cerrie Williams