Roof repairs at King Alfred’s making great progress

Roof March 19 (524x350).jpg

Article written by Izzy Simmons 10N Jill Dando Centre

Contractors have been on site since September 2018 and a significant amount of work has gone into improving the site for the whole communities benefit. Improved signage and window art has made the site look brighter and most recently the work on the roof has been making great progress.

This replacement of the roof is a major project that has been funded through grants made available once we became an Academy. Principal Mr Jenkins believes that the school environment is absolutely vital in developing the school as it helps people to feel happy and valued.  The Priory learning trust that we joined in October have a track record of improving both school sites and school standards and there expertise and experience have been invaluable in starting the improvements to King Alfred’s. Currently works on C & D block are almost complete whilst the Student Reception building and E block were finished a few weeks ago. New skylights and windows have also been installed throughout the roof works. The next phase of the work will involve the replacement of sections of roof in A block, including the sports hall and 1610 building. Attention will then turn to the interior areas of the school once the roofing work is complete.

Mr Jenkins- "In work and in school people deserve to work well presented, well-kept modern and professional environments. The work that is currently taking place is phase one of the planned improvements to the site at King Alfred’s. Further works are planned for the coming months and years and the whole community will benefit from this significant investment. We are thrilled with the way the work is currently going and look forward to seeing the final results.”

Cerrie Williams