Student Courageously Offering Support To People With Mental Health

Charley's Memory pic.jpeg

Student Jack Millier is an ICM ambassador and is helping with Charley’s Memory - which helps focus on people with mental health.

It caters to people aged 11-25 and offers affordable care to people that need it. Those that are in search of a helping hand can drop into TKASA C1 on a Thursday lunchtime for strictly confidential talks and the opportunity to further their counselling.

Recently, the ambassador programme has introduced new intakes and is now accepting anyone from Year 9 to Year 13. This includes training days to enrich student skills and promote the charity.

Student Jack Millier said “In Charley's Memory, we work towards a cause I am very passionate about. We are a team of over 30 people working restlessly to improve mental health awareness and support throughout Somerset”.

Written by Georgina Mann, 14