Uganda School Visit


Staff have just returned from helping children in schools near to one of the biggest slums in Uganda.

Sebastian Witts and Catherine Owens of TKASA spent half term visiting their link school in the Kasubi area of Kampala, seeing their improvements and observing lessons in three schools.

The Kasubi UK Link Group, set up by Benedict Ssaazi following his visit to TKASA in 2015, has led to dramatic improvements in member schools in education and numbers of students attending.

During the trip, TKASA donated four laptops and four projectors which were no longer needed so that the Kasubi UK group can benefit from the technology.

Catherine said: “This was another simply fantastic trip seeing first hand the improvements our links have had over the years. Students at TKASA are benefitting tremendously from this, as are the students in Uganda.

“GCSE Geography students at TKASA study Kampala and Uganda as part of their course, so this link creates great benefits to all involved.”

Cerrie Williams