International Students

Each year the sixth form welcomes students from across Europe, in the past this has included students from Italy and the Czech Republic. We believe that our students benefit from diversity and meeting students from overseas broadens horizons and offers new perspectives. In 2015-16 we welcomed two students from Switzerland, Livia and Denise, who studied AS levels in Year 12. Our sixth form is a very open and welcoming place to study and students enjoy making new friendships.


Denise from Stuttgart in Germany and Livia from Zurich in Switzerland have joined the sixth form this year. Both students are enjoying a greater sense of freedom in the English education system as they study up to 16 different subjects back in their native schools; studying A levels has allowed them to focus in-depth on specific subjects.  Livia is currently enjoying the Great Gatsby in English Literature and Denise is enjoying learning new techniques in A level Photography.

In their own time they have enjoyed trips to the Dorset coast and they are making plans to visit Bath with fellow students in Year 12. Both students are broadening their horizons and gaining new experiences while in the UK and our sixth form students benefit from making friends with students from different cultures.