Joining the sixth form committee affords the opportunity to develop your leadership and interpersonal skills. Committee members meet in the conference room on a weekly basis before feeding back to the student body. The agenda and minutes are the responsibility of the committee and records are carefully archived. Students are voted onto the committee having expressed an interest in particular roles such as chairperson and social secretary.

The committee also helps organise team-building activities and Freshers’ Week. The committee is an important part of our student voice commitment; previously students voted for trips to London and Go Ape! near Exeter. Students also participate in subject and pastoral care surveys. 

The 6th form committee is not just a chance to express your opinion, it is a chance to change 6th form life for the better. Many issues get discussed such as prom, RAG Week, trips, etc. The committee includes roles such as chairperson, secretary, and student voice, giving you a chance to take responsibility as well as improving social and discussion skills. It also looks great on your CV and personal statement!

"The committee plays an important part in the Sixth Form. It gives us young adults the opportunity to be in control of our educational environment. Committee members hold the responsibilities of organising numerous events throughout the school year such as RAG week, school trips and prom."

- Mary Hainsby; Head girl 2015/16