The KS4 curriculum offered here at KAS, is designed to be broad, balanced and flexible.  It allows you to achieve the highest levels possible and also to develop your individual talents.  At the same time, it will prepare you for your role in society, both now and in the future.

In addition to the formal timetabled curriculum, there will be opportunities for you to continue personal development outside of the classroom.  These will include local visits; foreign exchanges; subject related activities; work experience; sporting and performance opportunities; Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme; careers interviews and further education information and opportunities.

You will all follow the core curriculum, this is compulsory, i.e. you have to do the following subjects:

Physical Education (non examinable)
Citizenship and PSD       

Each year we look at the profile of the students and try and match up the right courses with the right students so the curriculum offer changes every year.  With this in mind we also have opportunities for students who are gifted and talented. A separate sciences option is available to our most able scientists.  Some students may follow other qualifications (entry level) courses in some subjects.

Click here to download the Keystage 4 curriculum map

For further details of courses offered please click here for the options booklet.