In all years at this Key Stage, students learn the core skills of Maths, English and Science that they need to progress in their learning through the school and beyond. Supporting these skills, all students complete courses in the humanities of History, Geography as well as Information Technology. Students study French in Year 7 and 8. The curriculum also delivers Religious studies, Citizenship, PSHCE and combines this with Leadership activities helping students to become better learners and therefore more confident and able to achieve in all their subject areas.  

We are proud of the sporting achievements at the school and have an exciting and varied physical education programme that all students complete. Both Art and Design and Technology is delivered to all, with a range of subjects from Resistant Materials and Graphics through to Food Technology and Textiles. A vibrant Performing Arts Federation encourages students to learn Music, Drama. As well as studying in discrete subject areas, students also learn through cross curricular opportunities through our challenge days.

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Key Stage 3 Milestones                                                                     

KS3 milestones are a set of skills and knowledge, individualised to each student based on prior learning and progress expected to be made. The milestone criteria are age appropriate for each year. So the subject expectations of each tier are different in Year 7 & 8.

The criteria for each subject are linked below and are shared with students in their lessons and work. When reporting, we refer to the colour milestone each student is working at and whether they are: