Inclusion Team Information

Inclusion Team Meetings

  • A mechanism for schools to meet with family support services and other relevant agencies on a regular basis to have shared conversations about children and young people they are worried about. 

  • Inclusion Team aims to bring professionals together to pool resources at tier 2 level, to provide support to families that is outcome driven, focused on solutions and helps the families to more resilient in order to prevent a child of young person requiring complex/acute (level 3/4) support in future. 

  • Inclusion Team aims to provide a strong foundation which supports children, young people and their families by refocusing resources on prevention rather than crisis intervention. It also provides the infrastructure for agencies to continue to work together to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

What kind of case can be referred to Inclusion Team?

  • Children and young people with attendance issues and potential underlying issues within the family and/or in school/community.

  • Children and young people whose behaviour (both inside/or outside of school) gives rise to concern. 

  • Children and young people who have been identified as vulnerable through the Behaviour and Vulnerability Profiling Tool, or other assessments, and who would benefit from a range of holistic support to meet their needs. 

  • Children with medical needs that impact on their learning and/or social emotional and/or mental health. 

  • Cases that will benefit from a fresh solution focused approach and input from a range of professionals to prevent escalation. 

Who can refer?

  • Anyone within the school who has a concern can make a referral. However, consultation with one of the following should take place first, Head Teacher, Safeguarding Lead, PFSA, SENCO, School Nurse.

How do I make a referral?

  • Complete the Inclusion Team referral form with as much information as possible – the form can be found in T Drive – Safeguarding – Inclusion Team – IT Referral Form.

What about parental consent? 

Written Parental/Carer consent should be gained prior to any discussion of a child/young person at an Inclusion Meeting. Consent letter should be sent to Parent/Carer. Confirmation of Consent must be noted on the referral form.  A copy of this consent should be forwarded to TAS Co-ordinator, Suzanne Lawrence and original retained by the school and held on student file.