Head of Faculty Ms L Whiteoak

Teaching Staff:

Mr A Gill

Music at The King Alfred School Academy is a practical, performance driven experience. The focus throughout years 7-10 is on developing instrumental / vocal skills and students are assessed using a grading system in line with that of ABRSM and Trinity performance exams, providing an inclusive opportunity for all students to experience music authentically regardless of their prior experience or backgrounds.

Students who are able to demonstrate performance skills equivalent to grade 3 on an instrument or voice by the end of KS3 are suitable candidates for GCSE Music. 


We are supported by an excellent team of visiting peripatetic tutors and currently offer tuition on the following:

  • Brass

  • Woodwind

  • Vocals

  • Strings 

  • Drums 

  • Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

  • Ukelele

Our extra-curricular programme continues to grow and flourish, we currently have a brass group, vocal group and are developing a steel pans group and will hold concerts and events regularly throughout the year.  Additionally all students are invited to use our practice rooms to rehearse either individually or as an ensemble.

We ask Year 6 students to complete a quick survey regarding their musical interest/ability so that we can get an overview before they start with us. The survey can be found here.

To learn more about careers relating to this specific subject, please look here-

In addition to the careers work delivered in class, the school offers a wide range of careers related events and activities throughout the year including-

  • Themed assemblies including visits from colleges, universities, apprenticeships, employers and previous students to explore career pathways.

  • Collapsed curriculum days – college and university taster days to help our students plan their studies beyond school.

  • Collapsed curriculum days – The maths team support students with a day of money management classes and the English team support with CV writing and interview skills.

  • Mock interviews for years 7, 9 & 10 to build confidence and employability skills.

  • Guest speakers and tutor time drop-ins to meet employers, education providers, previous students and representatives from other organisations in an informal setting.

  • Work experience week to help our year 10 students build their confidence, their employability skills and their work awareness.

  • Job of the week information delivered in tutor time to encourage students to explore different career pathways and the skills and qualifications required.

  • College, 6th form and university open evenings to help students and their families explore options beyond school.

  • And plenty more!

The careers office is open Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4pm for students to visit and talk through their ideas. Specific 121s can be booked with parents too if requested, but students are welcome to drop in any time.

The careers office is based in the centre of school within the Student Reception area. You can contact Mrs Leatherby on 01278 784881 or Email

To see the Year 7 Learning Cycle 1 Homework booklet please click here.

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