Head of Faculty: Ms L Whiteoak

Head of Department:  Miss H Harding

Teaching Staff:
Miss H Keeble

Mark Hewson


The Drama Department sees all students during their first two years at The King Alfred School Academy. During this time, they are introduced to all the skills that they will need to obtain a GCSE grade in Drama if they opt to continue with the subject into upper school years.  The students study Edexcel Drama GCSE which culminates in two practical components, including a theory portfolio totalling 2,000 words, and a third component consisting of a written exam in the summer term.

In the first two years it is expected that through their experiences in the Drama lessons, the pupils will gain a greater understanding of themselves, others and the world in which they live.  Issues and ideas will be encountered and first-hand experience can be gained in meeting and exploring these in varying degrees of depth.  We have an expectation of disciplined imaginative exploration of both personal and inter personal situations, which will lead to creativity, and analytical learning can take place. Students will learn to communicate and express themselves clearly and feel confident in their ability so to do so that experiential learning can transform understanding and attitudes.  Students will learn to work effectively as part of a group, being able to take on and fulfil required responsibilities. Skill based work such as: mime, mask, dance, improvisation etc. will be introduced. We are very fortunate to have a well-equipped performance space available, with light and sound equipment as well as a smaller secondary drama studio with blackout, lighting and sound equipment. It is intended that during the first two years, students will discover a sense of enjoyment of theatre and performance work and many opportunities are made for involvement in extra-curricular plays and drama. 

Students are able to opt for Drama starting in Year 9 and many do so each year. This year we have three GCSE groups in Year 9 and two GCSE classes in Year 10 and 11. During the course, periods of time are spent honing skills, exploring genres and developing stagecraft, as well as putting together group performance work. There are 3 components that the students have to complete for their GCSE. The first two components are performance based and the third is a written exam in the summer months. The students are given the opportunity of watching professional companies at work and are required to make critical analysis of the plays that they see as part of the written exam. A text is studied using page to stage techniques and we make efforts to provide professional workshops when available. 

In sixth form you can opt to take Drama and Theatre Studies (A Level Theatre Studies). The students study the Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Drama and Theatre, which consists of two non-examination assessment components and one externally examined paper.

In Year 12 students will learn in depth about theatre practitioners and genres of theatre. This will then allow them to complete the first component of the course in the term 3. During this component the students will develop their creative and exploratory skills to devise an original performance. The starting point for this devising process will be an extract from a performance text and an influential theatre practitioner. Component one is worth 40% of the qualification.

Year 13 consists of two components. In component two, worth 20% of the qualification, the students select their own monologue or duologue and produce a 2-4 minute performance for an external examiner, as well as taking a role in a group production. For component three, the students take a trip to the theatre to enable them to complete a theatre review as the first part of the written exam. The second part of the written exam involves studying a play in depth and then displaying their knowledge and understanding of performing, directing and designing. 

To learn more about careers relating to this specific subject, please look here- https://www.careerpilot.org.uk/job-sectors/subjects

In addition to the careers work delivered in class, the school offers a wide range of careers related events and activities throughout the year including-

  • Themed assemblies including visits from colleges, universities, apprenticeships, employers and previous students to explore career pathways.

  • Collapsed curriculum days – college and university taster days to help our students plan their studies beyond school.

  • Collapsed curriculum days – The maths team support students with a day of money management classes and the English team support with CV writing and interview skills.

  • Mock interviews for years 7, 9 & 10 to build confidence and employability skills.

  • Guest speakers and tutor time drop-ins to meet employers, education providers, previous students and representatives from other organisations in an informal setting.

  • Work experience week to help our year 10 students build their confidence, their employability skills and their work awareness.

  • Job of the week information delivered in tutor time to encourage students to explore different career pathways and the skills and qualifications required.

  • College, 6th form and university open evenings to help students and their families explore options beyond school.

  • And plenty more!

The careers office is open Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4pm for students to visit and talk through their ideas. Specific 121s can be booked with parents too if requested, but students are welcome to drop in any time.

The careers office is based in the centre of school within the Student Reception area. You can contact Mrs Leatherby on 01278 784881 or Email sleatherby@tkasa.org.uk

To see the Year 7 Learning Cycle 1 Homework booklet please click here.

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