Business Studies

Head of Faculty: Mr G King

Teaching Staff:

Mr G King  
Mr N Smith
Mrs L Coghill

Business Studies is a successful department and the subject is a popular option choice for students both at Key Stage 4 and A Level. 

We are a relatively small department, staffed by teachers who have a wealth of practical business experience and a passion for the subject. We are based in A Block and both dedicated classrooms include a computer suite connected to the school network where students can carry out research for their coursework and independent study.

Following business studies gives you the opportunity to explore real business issues and how businesses work. You will learn about different business theories and apply your learning to the context of real businesses. We look at a wide range of local, national and international businesses.You will find Business Studies interesting if you enjoy watching programmes like Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice and have an enquiring mind about what is happening in the business world around us. You will do well if you enjoy finding out information from a variety of sources including the internet. This is a great course for anyone planning to run their own business or having a career working for a business in the future. You will need to be comfortable with basic numeracy and literacy. 

Key Stage 4

Year 9 & 10 AQA Business studies

Students will follow the new linear GCSE course which is assessed through two written exams at the end of Year 11. Topics include: The purpose and nature of business; business ownership types; business aims and objectives; legislation; external influences and detailed aspects relating to the four key functional areas of business (marketing, finance, operations and human resources)

Key Stage 4 (Year 11) Edexcel BTEC First Award in Business
Students in year 11 are following the BTEC course. This is assessed through three units of coursework, plus an on-screen exam lasting one hour. The exam is taken in Year 10 and may be re-taken in Year 11. The exam and each coursework unit are all worth 25% of the overall grade. The coursework units cover Business Planning (unit 1), Customer Service (unit 4) and Recruitment (unit 8). The exam covers Business Finance (unit 2).


Key Stage 5 AQA A Level Business Studies
Students follow the linear AQA A Level specification which is assessed through three written exams at the end of Year 13. There are ten topics:

1     What is business?
2     Managers, leadership and decision making
3     Decision making to improve marketing performance
4     Decision making to improve operational performance
5     Decision making to improve financial performance
6     Decision making to improve human resource performance
7     Analysing the strategic position of a business
8     Choosing strategic direction
9     Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
10   Managing strategic change

The exams all last two hours and each have a 33.3% weighting towards the final qualification.


To learn more about careers relating to this specific subject, please look here-

In addition to the careers work delivered in class, the school offers a wide range of careers related events and activities throughout the year including-

  • Themed assemblies including visits from colleges, universities, apprenticeships, employers and previous students to explore career pathways.

  • Collapsed curriculum days – college and university taster days to help our students plan their studies beyond school.

  • Collapsed curriculum days – The maths team support students with a day of money management classes and the English team support with CV writing and interview skills.

  • Mock interviews for years 7, 9 & 10 to build confidence and employability skills.

  • Guest speakers and tutor time drop-ins to meet employers, education providers, previous students and representatives from other organisations in an informal setting.

  • Work experience week to help our year 10 students build their confidence, their employability skills and their work awareness.

  • Job of the week information delivered in tutor time to encourage students to explore different career pathways and the skills and qualifications required.

  • College, 6th form and university open evenings to help students and their families explore options beyond school.

  • And plenty more!

The careers office is open Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4pm for students to visit and talk through their ideas. Specific 121s can be booked with parents too if requested, but students are welcome to drop in any time.

The careers office is based in the centre of school within the Student Reception area. You can contact Mrs Leatherby on 01278 784881 or Email

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